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Financial Planning Process

Close your eyes and imagine what will you do when your money works for you?

Is it a lifestyle you’re thinking about? Do you dream of building your own business? Maybe you envision travel in your retirement. We believe the key to family wealth management is finding answers to simple, yet important questions that help you gain control of your financial future. Once we understand what you would like to accomplish, we can help you build the map to get you from where you are now, to where you want to go. Next we implement the plan through investing with a focus on improving the overall risk and reward issues through highly customized strategies.
Once a plan is formulated, our ongoing process of identifying changing goals and objectives, assessing alternatives, taking action and reviewing results may help you make effective, long-term financial decisions for years to come.

Here is a breakdown of the process:

Step 1
 - Getting to know each other

Our first meeting is nothing more than an opportunity to get to know one another. To serve as your advisor, it’s important that we have a good working relationship. We will explore your goals and investment objectives as well as identify any immediate needs that require attention. If you’re not sure what it’s going to cost, now is the time to ask the question. Without your data, we won’t have the exact numbers, but can explain how we are compensated for providing these services to you. Provided all parties feel comfortable moving to the next step, we will schedule a follow up appointment to gather additional data.

Step 2 - Financial Organizing

The second meeting is where the rubber meets the road. We roll up our sleeves to begin the process of collecting as much data as we can to help formulate your plan. We will provide a checklist of the items and data that we’ll need to create the most comprehensive plan.

Step 3 - Review Meeting and Investment Proposal

During the third meeting, we will provide you with the results of our analysis and review your plan. We will provide you with a comprehensive investment proposal, based on the findings of your review, for your consideration.

Once you are a client:

  1. We will implement your investment strategy and review it periodically
  2. You will receive regular updates and correspondence via e-mail, social media, and mail
  3. You will receive invitations to any educational seminars and client events
  4. You will have direct access to our team
  5. You will have an annual review to ensure that your investment strategy is still aligned with your goals and objectives

Our Clients

Why does TechGirl Financial support women in technology? We find that many of the characteristics that make women strong candidates for financial independence are those held by many women in the technology sector. Those characteristics are confidence, decisiveness, and an ability to delegate.

Why do we want to help you? There just isn’t enough time in the day! Work is consuming and by the time you make it home, the last thing you want to think about are your investments.
Are you confident, decisive and comfortable delegating? If so, let’s talk.

TechGirl Financial is accepting new clients typically with some of the characteristics below:

  • Average assets under management range from the low end of $250,000 to $5,000,000. Account minimum is $100,000, this is flexible if you plan on adding annually to your account
  • Willing and able to make informed decisions with their money
  • Understand what it means to work hard and value what you have earned
  • Want to simplify and enjoy their life by having competent, trustworthy professionals help them with their financial affairs
  • Respect us and our team
  • Value our opinion, experience and insight
  • Enjoy the simplicity of having all of their assets managed in one place
  • Value the merits of a patient, long-term wealth-accumulation strategy
  • Consult us before making a major financial decision or upon a major life change

What We Do


to manage your investments the way they deserve to be managed?

Have you noticed you put off the tasks you least like doing?

If you answered no to just one of these questions, you should consider working with us. TechGirl Financial is your resource for investment management, and financial planning. We believe working with you is a partnership. Not only do we care about how your investments will be managed, we want to be a resource for career growth serving women in technology. That’s why you will see our blog articles supporting women in technology, career growth, and financial articles. Your success stories are what keep us motivated, engaged, and excited to work together.

Financial Planning with the use of SMART Financial Goals.

Plans are customized for our clients using Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely goals. We cover the following areas:
Employee Benefits – creating your financial safety net
Retirement Planning
College Education Planning
Social Security Income Planning
Corporate Benefits (Qualified and Non Qualified)
Estate/Legacy Planning

Money Management

You work hard for your money and we work hard to make your money work for you.
Individual IRAs, Trusts, Investment Accounts
Corporate Benefits – 401(k)s, Profit Sharing, Qualified and Nonqualified Plans
Annuities/Insurance Evaluations (through affiliates)
Investment Reviews, Recommendations, and Implementation


We provide education for your worksite or professional organization. Here are some of the topics and programs presented
Money Matters At Every Stage
Martinis, Manicures and Money
Women and Money: Seven Savvy Secrets to Financial Success
Economic Updates
Social Security Optimization

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