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The Aftermath of Sandy

Gauging the economic and market impact of the storm.

Presented by Kim Gaxiola

Hurricane Sandy’s fury has exacted a considerable and tragic toll. Even with the relief efforts now underway, it will be some time before things return to normal in many communities. How has Sandy impacted Main Street, Wall Street and the broader economy?



Repairing Main Street

How do you begin to total the damage from a storm affecting 20% of the U.S. population?1

EQECAT, a risk-modeling firm, thinks it could run as much as $10-$20 billion, with $5-$10 billion reflecting insured losses. This is an important distinction, as many analysts feel a tally of $10 billion or less in covered losses could have a comparably diminished effect on the insurance industry beyond the fourth quarter. However, respected University of Maryland economist Peter Morici told MarketWatch that total losses could reach $35-45 billion if the superstorm ultimately proves more powerful than Hurricane Irene… exactly how Sandy was being described the morning after. That would fall well short of the economic hit from Hurricane Katrina, from which the damage totaled about $108 billion; 1992’s Hurricane Andrew was responsible for roughly $60.5 billion of destruction. Federal government officials say they have about $3.6 billion ready to pay for relief efforts.1,2,7

If there is any good side to this, it is that the collective response to Sandy’s destruction may amount to an economic stimulus. MarketWatch notes that as much as $20 billion could be spent over the next 12 to 24 months on new construction, remodeling and renovation, which could further invigorate the construction industry, indirectly aid the job market, and bring about increased consumer spending.1,2




Resuming trading on Wall Street.

Will the New York Stock Exchange’s goal of reopening Wednesday morning turn out to be realistic? Just in case, NYSE Euronext will test a backup plan Tuesday morning, a plan B that could permit trading in case things aren’t up to speed by Halloween. In this scenario, NYSE Arca would become the primary market for New York-listed stocks – we’re talking about the NYSE’s electronic market that could operate even if its trading floor or headquarters were closed for the day.3

As for Tuesday, all NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges will close across all asset classes. While the CME Group’s Nymex floor will be closed today, its products are still available electronically. CME Group opened trading of equity-index futures and options Monday night, but that trading ended early today; however, trading of interest-rate futures and options will resume with normal trading hours. The CBOE and CBOE Futures Exchange are shuttered today; CBOE Holdings will update traders if the closure is forced to stretch into Wednesday.3

With the end of the month coming, there is extra impetus to get the market open – fund managers need to adjust holdings before November starts.




What about earnings and the October jobs report?

Many corporations are delaying the release of third-quarter earnings reports. Hertz, Spirit, and Waste Management will now report quarterly results on Wednesday; Pfizer, Pitney-Bowes, Ralph Lauren, Sirius XM, and TripAdvisor will follow suit Thursday; McGraw-Hill and Thomson Reuters will now report Q3 earnings on Friday. Time Warner Cable will announce Q3 results on November 5, and Office Depot is delaying issuing its Q3 results until November 6.4

“Our intention is that Friday will be business as usual,” Labor Department public affairs specialist Jennifer Kaplan told CBS News regarding the release of October’s employment report. While noting that the severity of the storm might hinder some of the report’s final calculations, Labor Department officials are hopeful that the report can be released as scheduled November 2 (at 8:30am EST).5




Fuel prices

U.S. natural gas consumption could be greatly tempered this week, and prices may move significantly. New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware are home to five of the most important gasoline refineries on the east coast, but analysts feel they could rebound decently from any storm-related problems. While RBOB gas futures rose Monday as traders assumed some disruption in supplies, it appeared the bigger blip might be demand, with commuting and trucking patterns potentially thrown out of whack for days.6

As to whether drivers might see a violent spike in gas prices, the Oil Price Information Service’s Tom Kloza dismisses the notion: “My hunch is we’ll get a wobble higher in the next couple of days, and then resume [heading] lower.”6

After the stress of this superstorm, we can only hope that its economic effect will not be as severe as some anticipated.

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Three Tips on How to Negotiate Your Salary

Three Tips on How to Negotiate Your Salary

Presented by Kim Gaxiola


In all of the women’s conferences I attend, the common theme on the salary discussion is that women don’t ask. I believe one of the big reasons why women’s salary is less then men is because we simply don’t ask for more. Men consistently ask for more money when being hired, promoted, going out for drinks socially with their manager, or at performance review time. I hope this article gives you some more confidence to go out and ASK! You’ll be pleasantly surprised more often then not at the responses.

Three Tips on How to Negotiate Your Salary

Gaxiola Financial Group’s Wardrobe Change: TechGirl Financial

Gaxiola Financial Group’s Wardrobe Change

Presented by Kim Gaxiola


Ready or not, here comes fall. I think I’m ready, are you? It takes a while here in California to really see a difference in seasons, but at least there are holidays like Halloween to get us in the mood. Change is happening all across the country as the outdoor moves from summer to fall and then winter. Out goes the summer clothes, here come the heavier winter styles. What’s different this fall from your last fall season?

With the change of seasons, Gaxiola Financial Group is going through a wardrobe change too. We’ve been working on a re-brand and its unveiling has come. Welcome TechGirl Financial. I compare it to a wardrobe change because the planner behind it all, that would be me, at the core hasn’t changed a bit. I’m just a bit wiser each year. The advice is still the same, but the delivery has shifted. Because we are all consuming information in different ways, I am committed to keep up with the technology and bring advice and communications along with it. The name TechGirl Financial has many appropriate meanings, but keeping up with the times, heavily influenced by our surrounding technology, is key in the delivery of financial advice.

Why Girl? Because I refuse even at the age of 40 to be addressed as a woman! This is pretty typical of many GenX peers of mine. Bringing up another point: while I’m largely focused on the Baby Boomer generation, generation X is accumulating assets and needs help too. I want to be approachable for multiple generations to come.

What does that mean to you? How do you prefer to receive your communications? Phone, email, Facebook, LinkedIn? As I recently flew to Chicago for a conference and met with some clients too, the personal face to face time doesn’t change. We must be in communication in the meantime, and it’s good to know how to reach you. Another great benefit to you will be the information I post online through my new blog www.techgirlfinancial.com. There are common questions I get reflective upon the season. I will address those trends in the blog, and from time to time may point you there to deliver some ideas that may help you in your financial journey.

I invite you to bookmark the new site, register at TechGirl Financial on Facebook, subscribe to RSS feeds, or follow on Twitter. These are the best ways to keep current on the news I continue to deliver in a prompt manner. There will be webinars and videos hosted and you are all welcome to participate and invite a friend along with you. I’m never too busy to help you, a friend, or family member in need of some financial guidance.

Happy Fall to everyone!


Welcome to TechGirl Financial

Presented by Kim Gaxiola

We are a resource for women in technology to guide and support career growth in the technology industry. Recently I attended a Women In Technology International (WITI) Tech Summit and one of the panelists there shared that busy women in tech are outsourcing the errand running, cooking, and cleaning in their households so their time at home can be spent better with family. For those of us juggling many tasks between work and personal lives, you know life does get easier when we learn to delegate. As women in technology move up in their careers, they are finding themselves tasked with more responsibilities and complicated financial concerns. You are not alone.

At TechGirl Financial we serve women in technology by managing their investments, IRAs and money goals. We partner with our clients to make financial decisions. We make the process easy, seamless and customized to suit your style.

Why does TechGirl Financial focus on women in technology? We find that many of the characteristics that make women strong candidates for financial independence are those held by many women in the tech sector. Do you possess some of these characteristics: smart, confident, decisive, educated? If so, we’d love to chat!

Wow – that’s a tough criteria!

Let me explain before we get off on the wrong foot.


When I say smart – I don’t mean IQ. Do you have the capacity to make smart goals? (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely)? If you can run through the SMART process, you are on your way towards setting up your own financial independence.


You must have the confidence in yourself to make decisions and follow them through. You must also have confidence to hire others to supplement the weaknesses you know you possess. (and yes, we all have weaknesses-shocker!) Our weaknesses are tasks we are better off delegating.


YES or NO! Black or White! Beatles or Elvis! Maybe kills opportunity. If you can’t make decisions, you’ll have an extremely hard time doing anything with your money. Money under the mattress is not a reliable investment tool, and hope is not a strategy. You don’t have to make the decisions alone, but you do need to make a choice.


Are you educated or have a willingness to learn? You don’t have to know everything about the financial markets, the economy, or even investments for that matter. (That’s my job!) But you should know, or be ready to learn, that building a solid financial foundation means having a safety net, strong cash flow, and a plan to,manage what you own (assets) and what you owe (liabilities). This is what it takes to begin your journey towards financial independence.

Now that we’ve defined the people we like working with, are you the right fit? Although, we’ve challenged you to be decisive – it’s o.k. if you’re still a little unsure…for a limited time that is! Stick around, read the blog and check back frequently. If you find yourself liking us more and more, let us know. We also encourage you to share our content with friends. We’ll be ready to serve you when you need to make that next important financial decision.

Thanks for being here!

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