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Provided by Kim Gaxiola

A Day Made Of Glass


Virtual presenters in 3d projected on glass; a plastic decoder memento from a 3d printer; a robot with an iPad head walks around a room interacting with people; are just some of the technology finds I had from the visit to The Fidelity Center for Applied Technology. As part of the New Century Council for my Broker-Dealer, Cambridge Investment Resarch, I had the exciting opportunity to see where the future of technology in the financial industry is going. The New Century Council is a group of up and coming advisors aged 40 and under who are tasked by Cambridge to come up with the tools needed for the next generation of advisors to service the next generation of clients. This was truly an exciting trip as we headed out to Boston the day after the Boston Marathon attacks. Hosted by the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology we spent a day collaborating on how this new technology would help us service our clients in the year 2025.

As our lives become busier, more mobile, and our jobs and family demand more of us, we put off important appointments we feel we don’t have time to schedule. For me, I’ve been putting off scheduling a desperately needed hair color and cut because it will take half of my day. For many of my clients, I think it’s scheduling a financial check up! Technology has made a huge impact in our lives making it easier for us to be more mobile. The funny part is that as we become more mobile, we look for ways in technology to create more human one on one experiences without having to physically be in the same room. I recently had my first business meeting on Skype and it was so much better than a phone call. Had I not seen the person face to face in that Skype meeting, I don’t know how excited I would have been to hire him for some PR work I want to have done. Actions speak louder than words and this is captured using the video conferencing technology.

Social media has allowed people, friends, family, and researchers to tap into their larger global networks to share important updates on their lives, or work projects. This helps families and friends to feel closer to each other. It helps me personally keep up with my clients as I see them posting important life events, I can have a follow up conversation with them, and guide their finances through these times.

How does this technology help us service the next generation of clients? I think it helps us strengthen and build deeper relationships with our clients. If we can not always be in the same room, we will do everything we can to replicate that experience. That’s important in the financial world where we believe the conversation will be built in the next generation more on planning than strictly the investment side. It also allows us to become more focused on a certain type of clientele. I for one, enjoy working with women in technology. I can serve women in technology around the country if I have a means of communicating effectively with them. The borders that have in the past broken down communication are now breaking down as we speak and innovate. That to me is exciting, and I thank the innovators out there who are making this all possible.

For a cool video on some of the way technology will impact our daily lives, check out this 5 minute video by Corning, A Day Made of Glass


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