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hubphotoYour career and personal success motivates us.  It brings us joy to find out our clients are receiving job promotions, changing careers, moving into consulting and getting closer to a quality of life career change that ends the route to career burnout. For this reason, we are excited to bring you new relevant articles authored by Anita Bruzzese, a leading journalist and author providing advice to working women and men to help them get ahead in their careers. By bringing some of the latest information on how to navigate your career, we hope you will think of us too when your next job change is here; and you are wondering what to do with your 401k, ESPP, RSUs, and other matters relating to your finances. I firmly believe, the stronger your finances are, the more career risk you can take. When your financial foundation is solid and not completely dependent on your employer, it won’t come tumbling down when you face change at work.

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Gaxiola Financial Group’s Wardrobe Change: TechGirl Financial

Gaxiola Financial Group’s Wardrobe Change

Presented by Kim Gaxiola

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